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There are many exciting pubs and clubs in Perth. There is a place called "North Bridge" where many people clubing gather because lots of clubs and pubs are concerntrated in North Bridge. However, there are some awesome pubs in the other areas, too. I will introduce some pubs I often used to go below.

The Red Rock This is my favourite beer 'Emubitter'. Oh, I miss this beer.
It’s one of my favorite pubs. It’s located in front of Claremont station. I went there often to chat or to play pool with my friend in the daytime and also to have drink and dance in the evening. I just enjoyed being there and liked atmosphere in there. The best time to go is Thursday night. It's very hot and crowded with many people on Thursday night. By the way, my favorite beer in Australia is "Emubitter." You've got to try it!

The Hippie Club
My friends and I went there on most Tuesday because every Tuesday is "Student Night". I made a lot of new friends there who go to different school. If I remember correctly, you can have any drinks with great deals before ten o'clock. Besides, you can get one free drink and BBQ stuff. It was great! Oh, by the way, there is the rumor that some people go there to get a girlfriend or a boyfriend. You my check it by yourself if it's true or not. There was the always guy got stone who was dancing very uniquely. Some people must know what I am talking about.

The Bras Monkey
This pubs are always crowded with students and other people enjoying meeting new people. This club is located in North Bridge. We often went there first and then went to different clubs. In addition, there are often bands playing nice music on the weekend.


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