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Margaret River Denmark Yanchep
Secret Harbor Trigg Beach Cottesloe Beach
Scarborough Beach Leighton Beach Yalingap
City Beach Cable Beach  

Margaret River
I went to Margaret River with my Japanese friend as a surf trip. It took more than 4 hours to get there from Perth. There were huge waves. The waves were about 10 feet at that point. By the way, we arrived there at the night time and it was very humid and cold. I assume that Margaret River is much cooler than Perth, generally. We saw so many stars, and I had never seen so many; it was just fantastic. Though we didn’t go to vineyards, Margaret River is also famous for vineyards. You can taste yummy wine there.

Margret River mainpoint
There is Margret River's main point behind me.


Denmark is in the western-south Australia. If you go there from Perth, you need to drive for a long time. Denmark is about 500 km  from Perth. It’s also much cooler than Perth. I was so impressed there because the nature is so beautiful. When I surfed, I was also very happy because the water is so clean like a pool. My friends and I stayed there for three days. While I was surfing alone there, out of blue, about ten dolphins came up in front of me and were swimming through in front of me, and then I took the wave. Therefore, I surfed following dolphins on the same wave. It was awesome. I just didn’t stop smiling with lots of happiness.

We were looking for surf spots around this area, but this point wasn't the surf spot.

Denmark surf point
We checked waves from top of the hill in Denmark.

Here is Denmark Main surf spot.

I am surfing.

This is near Albany. This is 50 km away from Denmark.


It’t about an hour north of Perth. When you get there, you’ll feel like you’re just in nature. You need to drive on the rough road for a while to get to the surf spot. However, there is a plan that the Smith Beach, which is a name of the surf spot in Yanchep, will be developed in the future. There are mainly left reef breaks though it's shallow and there is a sharp reef on the bottom. No pain, no gain.

This is Smith Beach that was undeloped beach, but it was planed to develop.
I was happy at that point because there were just us.


Secret Harbor
This beach is located about an hour south of Perth. It's one of my favorite surf spots because I like its atmosphere and waves. I went there in winter at first, and then waves were awesome. There were just few surfers and good waves at that point. However, waves suck later, especially during summer. You should go surfing there in winter.

I liked this shopping center's atmospher and this Secret Harbor Beach.

There is a shopping area on Secret Harbor Beach. On that day, waves were so good, and I was, of course, storked.


Trigg Beach
Trigg Beach is divided into North Trigg Beach and South Trigg Beach. North Trigg Beach is just a reef break. On the other hand, South Trigg Beach is a beach break. Even in summer, there are some waves at Trigg Beach, so I often went surfing there. However, one dangerous thing I heard about Trigg Beach is "the blue hole" in which there is the very strong current on the bottom and it sucks you into the bottom. Keep in mind about it.


Cottesloe Beach
There are constantly good waves in Cottesloe Beach in winter, but there are almost no waves there in summer. There is the rumor that sharks inhabit in Cottesloe Beach. In fact, there was the tragedy that a swimmer was attaced by 20 feet great white shark in Cottesloe Beach while I was in Perth.

It's a windy day in Cottesloe Reef point in winter.

There is beach break near the break water. People also enjoy swimming here in summer.


Scarborough Beach
It is crowded with a lot of surfers and swimmers in Scarborough Beach in summer.  Scarborough Beach is next to South Trigg Beach, so the waves are pretty similar to Trigg Beach's waves.


Leighton Beach
Leighton Beach is close to Fremantle. There are some good waves there  in winter, but you can't expect any waves in summer. It's a beach break and usually smaller than the other beaches. I have some good memories of Leighton Beach. By the way, the Surf Restaurant in front of Leighton Beach is worth going to . While eating, you can see the beautiful ocean and sunset.

I surfed at Yalingap just a few times. However, I like this point very much because I surfed with perfect reef breaks and the view is fantastic. There's a pretty shallow reef, so you need to be really careful.

Can you see some waves and surfers behind us? Waves looked so small from here, but the set waves were about over head size.


City Beach
I lived near City Beach. Young surfers usually surf near the break water. There are two break waters at City Beach. The left one contributes to make a good sand bottom, and there are always surfers beside the left break water throughout a year.

This is the left break water.

There are always people enjoying walking with dogs.


Cable Beach
If there is the enough swell to make decent waves, there will be perfect breaks in Cable Beach because the bottom is an artificial reef. However, there are no waves in this area in summer.


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